About Us

We believe that businesses around the world no matter how big or how small should have the opportunity to buy beautiful product, the quantity they want, at affordable prices.

Whether you are a boutique or chain store retailer, a wholesaler, a sales agent, a project manager or a business entrepreneur, we have the versatility to service your needs.

We do this by offering low MOQs and short lead times allowing you to consolidate many of our products into one shipment at China-direct prices. All designs are unique and original, developed in the US allowing our collection to be refreshed every few months.

We attribute our market leadership to a strong commitment to our customers, original design and top product quality with exceptional customer service. Our rustic, culturally meaningful designs reflect the lifestyles of many people, places and households we visit throughout the world each year.

Our overall goal is to showcase home fashion accessories that creates a desire for all people to make their home a unique expression of themselves.


Brand Advantages

We cost effectively keep stock in Shenzhen (South of China) to give our customers the opportunity to ship mixed containers from us at no added cost, taking advantages of China-direct pricing.

  • One carton MOQ
  • Abundant inventory
  • One week lead time
  • American QC standard
  • Continuous product release
  • Original designs from USA designers
  • Styles for both home & business
  • China direct pricing and shipping
  • Tailored Solutions



Ship mixed containers with low MOQ and lead time allowing the customers to feature a wide range of products and constantly keep stores and showroom updated.


We will fully support you to open mono-branded stores featuring the full Creative Co-Op Home collection that showcases real life home settings and emphasizes on accessories. As our range is so broad and we constantly release new product, the store can be updated frequently to give the best visual appeal.


Shop in Shops stores are designed to be smaller areas inside existing stores or department stores featuring predominantly accessories to give the customer a new existing Creative Co-Op Home feel.

For both Lifestyle and Shop in Shop stores we can help design the layout of the store to maximize sales and consumer interest.


If your business is online, we have all items in HD at different angles and perspectives available free after order. Make the most of our wide range and one carton MOQ to keep light inventory of hundreds of items and order mixed containers whenever needed.